Reviews in Brief (10/1 to 10/15 – 2014)

Amazing Spider-Man vol.3, #7 (released 10/8)
ASM7I only picked up this issue because it features a team-up with my current favorite Marvel character, Ms. Marvel. I stopped collecting Spider-Man comics when Superior Spider-Man ended (except for “Learning to Crawl”) and I haven’t regretted it. However, getting this one issue might have been a mistake, because now I am really curious about stuff like how Anna Maria Marconi learned of Peter’s identity, how they came to live together, what’s the deal with Silk, etc?  Also, the Edge of the Spider-Verse back-up story also piqued my interest (especially the brutal Spider-Man & His Amazing Friends cameo). Not to mention the writing for the team-up itself was crisp and fun, and channeled the energy (if not the fantastic art-style) of the Ms. Marvel series.  I will resist starting to pick up ASM again (I’ll borrow them from a friend), but will get #8 to complete the team-up arc.




Captain Marvel, vol.7, #8 (released 10/8)
CM8My feelings about this series grow ambivalent, which saddens me because I want to support Kelly Sue DeConnick, and I like the art and love the character and her possibilities, but the space stuff leaves me a little cold and while I would normally love wacky story with a cat that turns out to be an alien creature that lays a lot of eggs and keeps freaky tentacles in pocket-dimensions in its cheeks or something, it seemed a little stretched to make it a two-parter – PLUS, enough with Rocket Raccoon, and I fear that a connection to the Guardians of the Galaxy is going to continue to try to cash in on the movie popularity, when that just sidetracks the books, especially when movie popularity shows no appreciable influence on comic sales. I give this one more arc before I drop it.

Death of Wolverine #3 & #4 (released 10/1 & 10/15)
DoW4Drek. This is how Wolverine dies: He has molten adamantium poured over him. He still manages to save some nameless people and walk out to see the sunset and then he solidifies.  This series was terrible. It tried to be a Wolverine “greatest hits” kind of series at any cost rather than develop the emotional stakes of the story.  Perhaps they tried to do that in the crossover issues, but enough with that shit. A series that cannot stand alone is a shitty series. Death of Wolverine is just the cynical kind of pointless attempt to cash in on completism and nostalgia that makes Marvel Comics suck.  It is not even interesting in a marketing way. . . or as an example of what is bad in comics. It is just pure banality.




Ms. Marvel vol.3, #9 (released 10/15)
MsMarv9Not a great cover, but still the best book Marvel is putting out right now. Hands down.

Storm #4 (released 10/15)
Storm4Part of the “Death of Wolverine” event, this issue is interesting in it’s following Storm into a potentially complex and morally compromising situation. Also, it features Yukiko,  one of my favorite character from back in the days of the original Wolverine limited series. However, the art in this issue is terrible, from the awkward shapes of the penciling to heavy inks to the muddy colors. It really makes it difficult to enjoy what should be a great issue.




Silver Surfer #6 (released 10/1)
SS6This series continues to be a delight – everything I want from a superhero comic. One and done (sometimes 2 and done) quirky little stories with sharp dialog and the never disappointing art of Michael Allred that perfectly captures both the whimsical and cosmic tone. I have said before and I will say it again: Dan Slott is great when he is writing these books on the margins, and a lot more iffy on the flagship title.

Thor #1 (released 10/1)
Thor1The art (by Russel Dauterman) is beautiful and Jason Aaron continues to write a great Thor book. Sure, it is disappointing that the new Thor doesn’t show up until the very last panel of the very last page, but the dynamic between Odin and Freya is compelling, and the coming of the Frost Giants on the ocean floor and the arrival of a hammerless Thor to fight them was rockin’. I am definitely going to keep up with this book.

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