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aunt-may-letterReaders of the The Middle Spaces are welcome and encouraged to participate in discussion with any and all of the posts here through the comments section. We want to hear your reactions, praise, criticisms, ideas, calls for clarification, suggestions for further reading, what have you. . .  This even goes for older posts.

That being said, the comments here on The Middle Spaces are moderated.

We are delighted to have readers engage with the ideas here in direct and specific ways and to even have them disagree with writers, but attacks on writers, broad and denigrating characterizations, name-calling, trolling and any racist, sexist, or homophobic language will not be tolerated.  This includes those who attempt to pedantically weasel their way around the guidelines to violate the spirit of the comment policy. Commenters who violate this guideline will have their comments deleted and their IP blocked.

Furthermore, if you are commenting to just say something along the lines of “why don’t you address ‘real’ injustice?” or “why don’t you make your own thing if you don’t like [x],” then save yourself some time and don’t.  Read the “About” page instead and there you’ll get the best answer we have for you. Cultural criticism and considering representation of race, gender, sexuality, et al is not mutually exclusive from other forms of social activism. In fact, they are inextricably connected.

Your first comment is always vetted. Assuming that it meets the criteria, it will be approved and your further comments will go live without being looked over by editorial first, but you can lose this privilege and be blocked if you violate the policy.

Thank you.

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