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From Storm vol. 3, #8 (April 2015) – Art by: Al Barrionuevo, Tom Palmer Ed Tadeo, & Ruth Redmond

On this page we acknowledge those supporters who have given to The Middle Spaces Patreon for 12 months or more at any level. We want to thank them for their continued support, helping to make this project an ongoing reality, and allowing us to pay guest writers. The date next to their name marks the beginning of their monetary support.


Scott Ashworth (December 2018)

Tiffany Babb (June 2019)

Peter Cullen Bryan (September 2018)

Julian Chambliss (November 2018)

Brannon Costello (September 2018)

Nic Holland (September 2018)

Dale Jacobs (September 2018)

Alejandro Jimenez-Zepeda (September 2019)

Braedon Jones (July 2019)

Toph Marshall (December 2018)

Nicholas Miller (April 2019)

David Nolan (May 2019)

Alex Ponomareff (September 2019)

Jennifer Stoever (September 2018)

Titan Up the Defense (September 2018)

Qiana Whitted (September 2018)

Tapac Yauri (September 2018)