Groovin’ on a Perfect “10”


From Dazzler #2 (1981). {Click on image to see a larger version}

Recently started the entire run of Dazzler (1981-’85) I picked up for cheap on eBay, and the second issue has this awesomely absurd scene.  All these male superheroes that have come to the “Numero Uno” disco to hear Dazzler sing crowd into the bathroom to change out of their civvies when the Enchantress attacks.  Captain America, Hawkeye, Wolverine, Iron Man Colossus, even the THING (who did not want to ruin the custom tux he was wearing) are all in stalls changing when Peter Parker bursts in to get into his Spidey duds.

Just a funny example of what can happen when you have all them superheroes hanging around civilian joints at once. Not only is some fracas bound to break out, but where do they all change?

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