Reviews in Brief (8/6 to 8/27 – 2014)

All-New Ghost Rider #6 | Captain Marvel #6 | Ms. Marvel #7 | The Multiversity #1
She-Hulk #7 | Silver Surfer #5 | Storm #2 | Superior Foes of Spider-Man #14

All-New Ghost Rider #6 (released 8/20)
ANGR6Wasn’t I supposed to drop this book after the first arc was done? Somehow I haven’t. I keep hoping beyond hope that it will transform into the book it could be. This issue has a different artist, which should be a breath of fresh air, but not all of it works. Some is good and could work, but overall it is inconsistent. Some of it seems really rushed. I like the development of the relationship with the younger brother character, but something distasteful remains about the representation of the neighborhood. It has a great cover, though.






Captain Marvel vol. 7, #6 (released 8/13)
CM6Hey look an arc actually ended. And on a positive note! It even demonstrates civil disobedience as a form of resistance against colonialism, and the violence is in defense of innocents (not just superhero posturing) and cool-as-hell Captain Marvel fights an armada of spaceships on her own. This comic may not be as good as it could be, it is still better than most.




Ms. Marvel vol. 3, #7 (released 8/20)
msmarvel-7The best single issue of a comic book I have read this year. It felt like an old school Marvel comic (If not Bronze Age, then Copper) with a dash of DC Silver Age wacky peril thrown in. I miss Alphona’s art, but Wyatt does a great job. This issue does some of what comics do best with its panels and the framing of the action. I read it through twice in one sitting. Oh, and I take back everything I said about the previous issue in regards to not liking Wolverine guesting – Wolverine is great in this. My favorite comic right now.

The Multiversity #1 (released 8/20)
multiversity1The last DC Comic I bought was in November of 2013 (and before that May), so I was happy to finally have something DC-related to look forward to. The thing is, I am not feeling this as much as I thought I would or rate it nearly as highly as many others have in their reviews. Sure I like Black Superman (and his Black JLA) of Earth-23 and I was damn happy to see Captain Carrot, but as of this issue this seems like a hackneyed stew of Alan Moore’s Top Ten, Crisis of Infinite Earths and Stormwatch. I don’t mind that a lot of superhero comics seem to be a repeated play on the same theme. . .sure, the mining of certain tropes gets tiring, but I think mastery of a field both as a creator and reader/participant is an appreciaion for fine degrees of difference in that repetition. This, however, from art to cute self-awareness, is pedestrian. Let’s see if it gets better.

She-Hulk vol.3, #7 (released 8/6)
shulkie7A one and done story that highlights Pulido’s art by miniaturizing the characters to make a backyard into a dangerous jungle world.. That’s right, Pulido is back! Yay! While this story was not that strong (mostly an excuse for She-Hulk and Hellcat to have some character moments in exploring their friendship and working relationship), I do appreciate the one-and-done comic story and wish there were more of them.

Silver Surfer #5 (released 8/27)
SS5Allred’s art continues to delight as always. Right now this book is taking the place of the joy I had in reading Matt Fraction’s FF (which I wrote some about here). The appearance of The Hulk and Dr. Strange for an impromptu Defenders reunion (I was hoping Namor would show up, too) is great, but most of all I am looking forward to the further character development of Daisy, which Slott is setting the groundwork for, I just hope he doesn’t drop the ball.



Storm #2 (released 8/20)
Storm2I love Storm, and I am digging a chance to see her solo adventures, but while I appreciate the use of her history as an orphan street-kid as a way to undergird this story, I was not a fan of the needing to teach her a bit of humility theme of in it. Definitely sticking with this title though, even if I am iffy on the art and think it’s weird that Storm and Wolverine are an item or something.







Superior Foes of Spider-Man #14 (released 8/6)
SFoSM14With each issue I am more and more impressed with Steve Lieber’s work. His art is clearly carefully thought out, but remains playful, fun, and pushing at the edges of what is allowable in mainstream comics from the perspective of experimentation (not R-rated content). Spencer’s quippy dialogue also helps. Thumbs up.

The Wicked + The Divine #3 (released 8/20)
TWtD3I don’t know what to make of this series yet. Maybe it is meant to be a slow burn, but instead it feels more like a clear example of unnecessary decompression in comics. As much as I like the idea and find it compelling, and as much as I think it does do a good job of creating this building sense of doom, it still feels flat, false. . . like a gesture at something about mortality and celebrity, but never really evoking it in any way says much of anything. Is there any there, there? I don’t know yet, and I don’t know how long I can keep up with it to find out.

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