Reviews in Brief (5/21 to 6/11 – 2014)

Amazing Spider-Man #1.2 | Captain Marvel #4 | Mind MGMT #22 | Ms. Marvel #4 She-Hulk #5 | Superior Foes of Spider-Man #12 | Thor, God of Thunder #22

Amazing Spider-Man vol 3, #1.2 (released June 11, 2014)
Amazing_Spider-Man_Vol_3_1.2Ignore the stupid numbering. The art in these issues is vastly superior to the stuff in the main title and to any of the stuff from the previous Superior Spider-Man title, and I love the interlacing with established canon. I am not as big a fan of this “Clash” character or with the reference to blogs and depiction of laptops, which I think ruins the sense issue #1.1 had of being kind of afloat in time. Still, I recommend it highly over any main continuity Spider-Man title of the last 15 years or longer.

Captain Marvel vol 8, #4 (released June 11, 2014)
Captain_Marvel_Vol_8_4Carol’s adventures in space politics of a displaced people continue, and the series is finally starting to gel, with supporting cast being introduced (that aren’t the lackluster Guardians of the Galaxy), and a building conflict with some star emperor dude. Still not as sharp as it could be, but a smart and fun comic.




Mind MGMT #22 (released May 28, 2014)
Mind-MGMT-22The cover reference to Magritte’s “The Treachery of Images” says all you need to know about the latest installment of Mind MGMT, which serves to further chip at any foundation of understanding the reader might be assembling even as it answers some questions. Kindt’s art is beautiful and evocative as always, but enjoy the moment, because all movement forward is potentially illusory – just like life.

Ms. Marvel vol. 3, #4 (released May 28, 2014)
Ms._Marvel_Vol_3_4 This series continues to be great. The art is fantastic and I really appreciate the small-scale, local and personal scope of its story so far, rather then relying on the bloated cosmic interlaced continuities that burden so many Marvel comics. Thumb way up!




She-Hulk vol 3, #5 (released June 11, 2014)
she-hulk5Normally, I like Ron Wimberly’s art (Prince of Cats is dope!), but it just isn’t a good fit for this She-Hulk comic, especially since the series regular, Juan Pulido’s work is fantastic and just fits the tone and milieu perfectly. The coloring doesn’t help much either. The plot, on the other hand, is heating up. So let’s hope we get Pulido back so this book can get back on track.

Superior Foes of Spider-Man #12 (released June 4, 2014)
SFOSM12This comic (after two disappointing fill-in issues) continues to be something special. Funny, irreverent, playful in its art and paneling – a treat to read and return to. Thumbs way up





Thor, God of Thunder #22 (released May 21, 2014)
Thor-GoT-22This issue felt a little lateral, in that it did not move the plot forward – so this arc could probably be 4 issues instead of 5. That said, I could have read a whole issue that was one giant fight between future Thor’s granddaughters and Galactus – and I continue to enjoy the environmental theme of the present day story-line.

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