Reviews in Brief (3/12/2014)

Captain Marvel #1 | Hawkeye #15 | Hawkeye #17 | Mind MGMT #19 | Moon Knight #1
She-Hulk #2 | Superior Foes of Spider-Man #9 | Superior Spider-Man #28 & #29

Captain Marvel Vol 8, #1 (released March 12, 2014)
Captain-Marvel-1-CoverFirst issues are always a hard sell – notoriously little to nothing happens – but since they are a “#1” they sell anyway. This issue starts in media res, which works in its favor, and the relationship with her little “sidekick” Kit is nice. The romance with James “Iron Patriot” (a name even worse than “Warmachine”) Rhodes was a surprise, but could be a nice touch as long as it doesn’t take away from her agency. David Lopez’s art is nice.

Hawkeye #15 (released February 26, 2014)
Hawkeye_Vol_4_15_TextlessMatt Fraction continues with his experiment in non-linear story- telling, though it is not clear to what end. Tonally, however, the title continues to click and Aja’s pencils and Hollingsworth colors are top-notch as always, and carry the book even when the writing doesn’t.


Hawkeye #17 (released March 12, 2014)
Bah Humbug! Total dreck. A waste of three bucks.



MIND MGMT #19 (released February 26, 2014)
mindmgmt19Matt Kindt continues his amazing run on this series, with an issue that plays with paneling in ways that resist closure and suggest the experience of flipping through an issue that has has had part of pages ripped out. So good.

Moon Knight #1 (released March 5, 2014)
moon-knight-01-cover-by-declan-shalvey-marvel-comics1-200x303By Warren Ellis. So I caved and bought this. Visually it is quite nice. I particularly like the new look for Moon Knight and a this cool panel sequence showing him going deep beneath Manhattan – but other than that by first issue alone it doesn’t seem like anything special. We’ll see. Maybe wait for the trade to see if it’s really any good.



She-Hulk vol 3, #2 (released March 5, 2014)
She-Hulk_Vol_3_2This was more of a set-up issue, but love Pulido’s layouts and his Kirby-esque faces, and the inclusion of Hellcat/Patsy Walker – so yeah, kind of love it.







Superior Foes of Spider-Man #9 (released March 12, 2014)
300px-The_Superior_Foes_of_Spider-Man_Vol_1_9This continues to be my favorite series Marvel is putting out and this issue is worth it for Boomerang’s treatise on super-villain marketing with accompanying Instagram pics alone.








Superior Spider-Man #28 & #29 (released February 26 & March 12, 2014)
Superior_Spider-Man_Vol_29The art and writing in these two issues does a good job of building tension and portraying action. They actually made it seem like Superior Spider-Man might have a satisfying and interesting conclusion. . .

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