Reviews in Brief (2/12/2014)

Hawkeye #16 | Ms. Marvel #1 | She-Hulk #1 | Superior Spider-Man #26
Thor, God of Thunder #18

Hawkeye #16 (released January 16, 2014)
H16Hawkeye #16 came out before #15 for some reason. I really want to like the Kate Bishop stuff more than I do (I do like her in Young Avengers), but this title loses some of its rhythm when it is solely with her out in L.A. The play on Brian Wilson as the tragic zoned out musical genius was a cool idea, but not enough was done with it. I worry about this series maintaining its momentum with all the other shit Fraction does.

Ms. Marvel vol.3, #1 (released February 5, 2014)
msmarvel_covNEW MS. MARVEL. Beautiful art. I LOVED the look and the overall aesthetic. Let’s hope they keep this artist for a good long haul. It is a nice introduction to some characters, but some of the dialogue comes off as a little over-the-top after-school-special and I really REALLY hope they don’t work the religious brother into the stereotypical Islamic fundamentalist terrorist plot that could easily come of his being caricatured.



She-Hulk vol. 3, #1 (released February 12, 2014)
She-Hulk_Vol_3_1The new She-Hulk Series by Soule and Pulido gets The Middle Spaces seal of approval! My favorite so far of the comics I picked up this week. She-Hulk is best with a good supporting cast to work with, and back with her legal roots. Pulido’s art is great for this series.

Superior Spider-Man #26 (released January 29, 2014)
Superior_Spider-Man_Vol_1_26Thumbs down! Poor paneling makes the Goblin/Hobgoblin throwdown incoherent AND the reveal at the end that that version of Hobby is not Roderick Kingsley robs the fight of any kind of impact or sense of there being something at stake.





Thor, God of Thunder #18 (released January 29, 2014)
thor18Jason Aaron’s run on Thor: God of Thunder makes great use of the Thors of different eras, giving it a double resonance (that is with both Thor of classic Norse mythology and the Thor of the myths of the Marvel-era). The latest issue I’ve picked up (#18) also includes some unusual, but evocative, art by Das Pastorus (though I am looking forward to the return of Esad Ribic)

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