Where ‘The Walking Dead’ Fails Viewers When It Comes to Race

I have a brief essay on race on the TV version of The Walking Dead up on Flavorwire.

An excerpt:

In the Season 2 episode “Bloodletting,” T-Dog says to Dale, “I’m the one black guy. Do you realize how precarious that makes my situation?” Suddenly, racial politics seem to come to the fore. T-Dog has some awareness of what is invisible to his fellow survivors (save, perhaps, Glenn): that just because the world has gone to hell doesn’t mean that the prejudices and privileges of white people won’t bubble up to betray him — and might already be working against him. Or maybe he just has a fever because his wound is infected and he’s talking crazy. It is in that moment that, as viewers of color, we are reminded that white dudes are writing this, because despite T-Dog’s realization being very much in line with the world we know, on TV such a notion can only be the product of temporary dementia.

Read the rest here.

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