Other Selected Writing

Below find a list of Osvaldo Oyola’s selected writing (both scholarly and popular, reviews and analysis) on other sites and in print, with links either to the source itself or to where to find it. Entries are in reverse chronological order with the most recent first.

“The World May Confuse You: The Unforeseen Promises of Omega the Unknown #1″ Shelfdust.com. 20 December 2018

“House of Secrets: Jeff Lemire and Dean Ormston’s Black Hammer: Secret Origins.”  Los Angeles Review of Books. 1 July 2017.

“A Comic Book By Any Other Name (or Number)!” Back in the Bronze Age blog. 3 June 2017.

“Between the World and Wakanda: Ta-Nehisi Coates and Brian Stelfreeze’s Black Panther. Los Angeles Review of Books. 27 December 2016.

“Succeeding in the Super-Biz: The Subaltern Superhero in Jaime Hernandez’s God and  Science.Journal of Comics & Culture (Spring 2016).

“Reading For Absences; On Growing Up With Comics That Didn’t Remotely Reflect America.” Too Busy Thinking About My Comics. 4 September 2015.

“‘I’m With Stupid’… Teaming Up to Review Spider-Man/Human Torch.” (co-written with Mike Wilson). Part One | Part Two | Part Three Bronze Age Babies. June 2015.

‘My Funny Valentine:’ Spider-Man: Blue, a Love Letter to the Silver Age.” Bronze Age Babies. 16 March 2015.

“Black Communities of the 30th Century: Racial Assimilation and Ahistoricity in Superhero Comics.” Apex Magazine. 3 June 2014.

“Sympathy for ‘Sympathy for the Devil’.” The Hooded Utilitarian. 18 March 2014.

“Calling Out To (Anti)Liveness: Recording and the Question of Presence.” Sounding Out! 9 September 2013.

“Living With Noise.” Sounding Out! 6 May 2013.

“Blinded By the Sound: Marvel’s Dazzler – Light & Sound in Comics.” Sounding Out! 31 December 2012.

“Where ‘The Walking Dead’ Fails Viewers When It Comes to Race.” Flavorwire. 10 December 2012.

“Thrills, Chills, and Safe Sexuality: The Sounds of Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’.” Sounding Out! 8 October 2012.

“I Can’t Hear You Now, I’m Too Busy Listening: Social Conventions and Isolated Listening.” Sounding Out! 23 July 2012.

“Everyone I Listen to, Fake Patois. . .” Sounding Out! 9 April 2012.

“In Defense of Auto-Tune.” Sounding Out! 12 September 2011.

“’This is Not a Sound’: The Treachery of Sound in Comic Books.” Sounding Out! 13 June 2011.

“Ain’t Got the Same Soul.” Sounding Out! 29 November 2010.